25 May 2010- Being 30 doesn't make me an experienced philosopher to quote about life. But there are certain situations i was exposed to which made me learn a few lessons in life...

Until my 10th grade (15 years old), i was literally a baby. I remember my mom used to say i was very shy, reserved, quite and veritably my mom's tail. I didn't go anywhere without her. We were chauffeured to school and back. My papa never liked me attending parties which were just 30min away from home. I do remember an instance i cried my heart out to attend a party in Khorfakkan along with my friends just cos he didnt trust the transport that would take us to the house. So basically i enjoyed my life confined within 4 walls being protected, pampered and cared. So other than the family values, social ethics and ettiquettes, i had pretty much no exposure about the outside world other than from the 2 month trips we used to take to visit folks in India.

The "bed of roses" life style came to an end when my parents decided to send us ( me n my bro) to India to survive on our own.Since i was a vegetarian